Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a little pick-me-up


image via food52

so wednesdays can get a little tough in our neck of the woods. besides being the middle of the week with two days ahead of us before aloha friday, it's also an early-out day for our kiddos. they come home soooooooo full of energy and there's an extra couple of hours to try and fill before they can go to bed. (our children are young enough that i still count down to bedtime. does that ever stop?) by the end of the day i'm usually struggling a bit to keep my chin up.

so here's a little pick-me-up for your wednesday. i'm still on my pinterest high, you know, the one the rest of you were on years ago when you first joined? and i've been pinning a few things on a secret board to have ready to share with now.

hope it helps to make your wednesday a little brighter!

that tree skirt up there is right up my alley. we're still trying to decide if we're getting a tree this year or drawing one on butcher paper like last year. oooooh, now that's a good story. another time though...

i've been blogging for all of eleven days, and on a smaller scale i'm already starting to feeling this.

what a perfect gift for your loved one who loves to cook. great pin tiffany!

my friend, food blogger and recent expat, courtney is documenting her adventures in japan. i'm completely enamored by her experiences so far...

hard stuff happens and i'm gonna try this out more often. "what makes something better is connection..."

here's an aloha twist on hot chocolate.

i would bring these little puffs of goodness to a holiday gathering...if they managed to make it out the door.

and peppermint chocolate crackles would be the chaser.

the end-all of cookbook wish-lists from melanie dunea. remember her?

it's the season for giving and here's my favorite link for this week. design mom recently posted about children's miracle network hospitals and their "A Million Miracles for a Million Children" program. weston, our heart baby i've mentioned before, was admitted to the NICU during the holiday season the year after he was born. A little less than a year later, Jon was invited to document a week with CMN's champions and their families. This kind of tough stuff pulls at the heart strings, and CMN is giving us a way to help. let's do it!

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  1. Spaghetti Sauce! Spaghetti Sauce! I have been looking for a good recipe! :) Please, please, please!!!

  2. Spaghetti Sauce!!! I once watched you make it from start to finish and wrote down everything you did... but I'm still missing something :)

    1. promise. the recipe i put up today is the best so far...lucky i took the time to start writing things down. hewph! (that's what our kids say instead of "phew"),

  3. Weeee! Thanks for the mention! And I agree - spaghetti sauce.

    1. really though, i'm completely enamored by it all...the food, the people, the experience. so cool you guys are there :)