Friday, December 6, 2013

pinterest and aloha friday // WINNER ANNOUNCED


so you guys. i have a confession...

i only joined pinterest a week ago. i know. i can see the look on your face now. but the thing is, i'm on this kick of doing things that are a little scary or that make me a little uncomfortable (i.e. starting a blog and writing a cookbook). so i thought, why not? i'll just do it. i'll join pinterest.

and i did. and i even started a few boards. belinda, i know you're so proud.

but i don't know how to do it. i mean, i get the gist of it. but like all good things, it will take some time to get going. i'll be working on creating more boards and filling them up this weekend. i'm kinda looking forward to it actually.

in other news, have you ever heard of aloha friday? i had before we moved here, but i thought it was just some kitschy thing that didn't really exist for local hawaiians. but it does! you can feel it in the air every friday. and it's phenomenal. it's all about celebrating the end of a good, long work week and looking forward to spending time with the people you love...most likely at the beach.

well. since today is friday, aloha friday that is, it seems like a good time for another giveaway. 

i know! can you believe it? there are some good, kind people out there that are as excited about this blog as i am and we want to celebrate. so here you go my friends...

meet lisa. lisa came into our family's life at the perfect time. i'd been searching and searching for a kind, reliable, reasonably priced nanny since we first moved here in may. we'd found a few options but nothing that felt like the perfect fit. 

then along came lisa. long story short, i found out she was looking to pick up more hours nannying and we got in touch. she came and watched our kiddos and we came home to a clean house full of sleeping babies. and the rest is history.

besides being an all around great person and life-saver of a nanny, lisa also just opened an etsy shop , seamaid market, where she sells handmade jewelry from found sea shells. she's a master of finding beautiful and sometimes rare seashells and then transforms them into beautiful earrings, rings and even puts them on iphone cases. 

lisa has decided in all her generous goodness to give away three pairs of earrings from her shop to a lucky reader. if you have a penchant for all things aloha, then this is just for you. or they would make a great gift for a daughter, niece or friend. here's a peek at what they look like...

image via seamaidmarket

the pair on the left are sea foam sea glass studded earrings. i'm kind of in love with them. isn't the color so fantastic? the pair in the middle are limpet shell studded earrings and the ones on the right are mini puka shell studded earrings. they're all so dainty and perfectly imperfect.

while we're talking about pinterest too, here are the ways to enter...

1. visit lisa's shop. take a look around and pin the item you like most.

2. i don't have pinning capabilities on this temporary blog, so head over here to my "food for your family table" board and pin the recipe you'd most likely make this holiday season. i'm really curious to see what is most appealing!

3. and since instagram will always hold a special place in my heart, tag three friends on my instagram post to spread the word. they'll all be entered once and you'll be entered twice! 

4. do the same in lisa's feed for even more entries.

5. and last, but not least you can leave a comment here on the bloggy blog mentioning who these earrings would go to should you win. would you keep them all for yourself? gift a pair to a girlfriend? really, i'm curious...i would keep the sea foam sea glass pair and then give our twin girls a pair each. then i'd head over to lisa's shop and snag a pair for lulu. can't leave her out!

and here's another peek at what some different earrings and rings look like...

image via seamaidmarket

one more thing you guys. thanks for all the support and kindness, my friends. i appreciate every comment, follower, like and whatever other way we communicate on these internets. a lot.

happy aloha friday to you all and have a great weekend!

p.s. to receive a couple extra "if i were..." menu ideas and secret recipes every month that i only share via email click here. 


  1. I'd give a pair to my Gram {age 95} who went to Hawaii with my Grandpa in the 80's and still speaks of that trip fondly {it was right before he got sick with cancer}. I'd give a pair to my sister & keep a pair for remind myself to keep putting money away so someday I can walk a beach of Hawaii and pick some shells myself. :0)

    1. you won the earrings chica! email me at and i'll stick them in the mail on monday morning...merry christmas and thanks for all the support!

  2. oh. and i did all of the above...... can't wait to make some salmon cakes when my little house isn't fighting a stomach bug! xx

  3. Wow. What an awesome giveaway. I have a degree in marine biology that I don't really use. My heart has always belonged to the sea. I'd definitely keep a pair, the sea glass, for sure. Then, I'd give a pair each to my daughters.

  4. You might want to check out Ree Drummond's pinterest board. That might be something that might give you inspiration as to how you might like to do your board. Eventually you'll get the hang of it.

  5. You know me, I would keep them all to myself! haha Well since its my birthday soon, I would count it as a birthday gift. I love earrings and jewelry so these would be so fun because they are so different from anything else I have seen! Aloha! :)

  6. I also pinned the earrings I like, not sure if I'm supposed to tell you that here? Well, anyway, I'm entered again. :)

  7. I would give one pair each to my two sisters and keep the last - sister earrings! :) I also pinned a recipe and the earrings.

  8. I would give a pair each to my sisters who are coming to visit me in a week! And I would keep the sea foam glass pair:)

  9. just completed all the entries! LOVE these earrings! i would keep the puka pair as a bday present to myself, then give the other pairs to my two little middle school sisters who are coming to hawaii for the first time for christmas!!! :)

  10. I LOVE THESE EARRINGS SO DANG CUTE! I completed all the entries! I am going to school here in HI, and my sisters would love these when I go home for Christmas break! Older sister: Sea glass, little sister: puka shells, and for me the sweet shells! I also love all of these delicious looking recipes!

  11. I would keep the sea foam sea glass ones for myself as they totally have my name written all over them. Then the other two pairs would go to my daughter Brinley. However, we do share the earrings between us girls, so I could wear the other ones too. :) They are so cute, and affordable!!! LOVE them!

  12. I absolutely love the sea foam earrings. I would keep a pair for myself and gift the two other pairs to my two sisters who live on the mainland. There is just something about collecting sea glass and then having them be transformed to earrings it just keeps you close to the ocean wherever you go.

  13. I also completed all the entries :) That salad on pinterest looks so yummy! i'll be making it for sure!