Monday, December 16, 2013

if i were...


photo by callie

before i had the audacity (my 5th grade teacher's favorite word) to start writing my own recipes, i had this knack for curating great recipes. i still do. i think it's one of my talents. i can read over a recipe and know if it will be worth the time and effort to make it. trust me. 

so i thought we'd try something...a series of sorts. the "if i were..." series. 

there are limitless scenarios for which we need menu ideas. so in this series i'll offer my suggestions for those possible situations. for example, the boss and family are coming to dinner. what can i make to knock their socks off without spending the entire day in the kitchen? or, i want to invite a couple girlfriends over for lunch, what are some light and tasty things to prepare?

let's be honest, one of the best parts of the holiday season is the food. from thanksgiving till the new year, it's one big party! big meals shared with family and friends, work christmas parties, white elephant gift exchanges and the good ol' fashioned cookie exchange. 

i was even invited to one here! i'm making progress in the "i just moved to a new place and i need to make some good friends" situation. i learned a few things from that party. most importantly: don't take recipes that you are testing to a cookie exchange. i took two kinds of cookies. and they were a'ight, but they were also forgettable. so if i had it to do over again, these are some of the recipes i would take into consideration if i were going to a cookie exchange...

veeda's adaptation of the perfect chocolate chip cookie

looking for a divergence from a traditional pick? try this "chocolate chip tribute cookie"

begin your reign as "queen of the cookie" from this two-time defending champion

a citrus french shortbread? oui, s'il vous plaît! (one of these days i AM going to learn french)

and i quote, "all you need to know about this cookie is that the recipe calls for about 16 ounces of chocolate to make 24 cookies". 'nuff said.

and forgive me, but this might be the most impeccable suggestion of all. no joke. and i don't even like eggnog.

hope that's helpful for this season of sharing and eating. have a good monday everyone!

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  1. Those eggnog cookies look divine. And I wish I had your skill for knowing a good recipe when I see one
    I'd like to think I'm learning.

    1. just keep checking back here :) it's the plan for this to be a weekly series. we'll see how it goes!

  2. I love collecting recipes, too! I love the idea of having "my" cookies, rolls, cake, etc. Things that can become mine. And, oh, cookies. I love cookies.

    1. collecting cookbooks is an obsession of mine too. it's kind of a problem...