Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a little pick-me-up


image by jonathan canlas

first off, i'd like to say thanks. thanks for stopping by. thanks for commenting. thanks for being interested. i'm beginning to really internalize the sense of community that comes with blogging. and i like it.

i mentioned this last week, but wednesdays can be rough. sometimes they even make me feel a little like that picture up there of lulu. so here are some things i've found this week to generate a little boost of energy to make it to the weekend.

anatomy of a cheese plate. good information for a quick, easy and delicious holiday hors d'oeurve. (i'll be honest...i had to google the spelling of that sucker. and the singular and plural form as well.)

these puffy pockets are a tart and tasty way to indulge my cranberry obsession.

did you know h√§agen-dazs is an invented word? when i found out i honestly felt a little betrayed. but then i remembered what a significant role this specific ice cream has played in my life. and all was quickly forgotten.

great review of a cookbook i'd like to add to my collection. and a fascinating article about the chef as well. jon and i planned a trip to portland last year around eating a meal at pok pok. then we accidentally happened upon salt & straw on our walk back to the car. best happy accident of my life.

the best dessert they had all year, and also the easiest? don't have to ask me twice.

jon's aunties would be proud...a filipino food alphabet. i'm a bit captivated by it actually. i want pancit. thanks for the pin, jamie

speaking of jamie, i'm so impressed by her oldest daughter, kira. she recently launched a blog as well. it's smart and cute and classy. all your college aged children, cousins, nieces and nephews should sign up for her "freshman fifteen cookbook". way to go kiki!

confession: i was just flirting with jon via gchat (he's downstairs working and i'm upstairs). i sent him the filipino food alphabet and he immediately requested this. done and done.

calling for your best family recipe! i joined food52 a month or so ago and it's really exceptional. thanks for the tip whit...mwah!

let's end with some wise, motherly advice? whitney's mom said this: "let us talk about the inevitable bad review. it is a reality that all creative people who put themselves out there must face...and it's interesting that if we have 100 great reviews, the one that makes us wonder the value of what we've produced, is the ONE bad review." i love a good mom.

well, i feel better already! how about you? have a great wednesday you guys!

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  1. I love seeing what new goodies you find and share. Thank you so much for helping to lighten my Wednesday. :)

  2. im so loving your blog adventure. thanks for the kiki shout outs ;)

    1. thanks jamie. big hugs to you and chris across the pacific :)