Tuesday, December 3, 2013

to celebrate // WINNER ANNOUNCED


so you guys...the internets is a really great place! blogs are so fun, but i think Instagram may have my heart. it's such an easy way to connect. i can keep in touch with old friends and have even made some new ones. Josie is one of my new friends from Instagram. and you guys! she's sooooo funny! and kind. and talented. and i know all of this just from my limited insta-interactions i've had with her. my husband actually took their family photos once so it's not so unlikely that we would become friends.

so Josie...she's a young mother. a creative. and an entrepreneur. and i reached out to her a couple of weeks ago about sponsoring a giveaway to celebrate the beginning of the website. and of course she agreed. she's the best guys. here's what she makes...

photo via the junie scarf

handmade, crocheted cowl scarves...for TODDLERS!  when i first saw these i was like, "genius!" and then i was like, "dang it! we don't live in the cold anymore!". but i bet lots of you do, or you at least know someone who does. and now you can enter for the chance to win one for a toddler near you. here are some of the colors you can choose from...

photo via the junie scarf
and here are the many ways you can enter this special giveaway...

1. leave a comment on this post answering the question "who would be the lucky recipient of this Junie scarf?"

2. follow Josie on Instagram and/or Facebook

3. follow @foodforyourfamilytable on Instagram and/or Facebook

4. tag 3 friends on Instagram and/or Facebook to let them know about the goodness with the hashtag #familytablegiveaway 

that's FOUR ways you can enter for a chance to win one of these gems for one of your little ones or a little one you love. the winner will be contacted by Josie for sizing and color choice info. and it will even get to you in time for Christmas!

the giveaway starts on Tuesday, December 3 and the winners will be announced the morning of Thursday, December 5.

thanks so much you guys! this is going to be so fun :)

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  1. I would love to win this scarf for my daughter!

  2. Callie, so proud of you! This makes my heart happy to see you doing this. :) As its snowing today, I think Claire definitely needs this scarf!:)

  3. My little dude Gray would get it! He's a head accessories kinda kid-Hats, glasses, headbands-this is right up his alley!

  4. so cute i LOVE these. cant wait to get one when im in idaho haha