Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a little pick-me-up


image by jonathan canlas

kalani is down for a nap and the other kids are at school. i was catching up on some things and realized that it's wednesday. and also that i haven't blogged in two weeks. and also that i need a pick-me-up because all i've wanted to do for the past two weeks is sleep, like that cute baby up there. see where i'm going here?

the older i get (i'll be 35 next month) the more i, that's the wrong word. the more i understand and really feel how complicated life can be. the more i understand the need for wisdom and prudence and patience. i can feel myself growing up more lately. does that sound strange? i wonder if we mature and gain those virtues i mentioned earlier in phases through life...of course we do. maturity and wisdom and prudence and patience come in phases. i'm officially referring to all future funks as phases. sounds more optimistic.

well, i'm in the middle of a phase right now. i can feel myself coming out of it a little more each day. and that makes me happy. and hopeful. and focused enough to write a little pick-me-up for you today. these are some good ones, dudes. here ya go!

i've been missing a favorite restaurant from p-town...communal. i wonder if these pillowy clouds of deliciousness would help.

now i want italian. i would visit NYC for this.

and then i'd come home and make these cookies for dessert. they say they're so good, they could bring about world peace. thanks for the reminder veeda!

i'm a little obsessed with kimchi lately. a cookbook AND a kit to make it? yes please.

a call for snail mail and a birthday. i love it when those good ideas come...well done sharon.

do you have a favorite drink? at any event, jon always orders a shirley temple. DIY grenadine could come in handy.

i'm working on a korean fried chicken recipe. until i get it down, this one looks really good.

and i love a good, honest blog post.

now i need to go make some gnocchi and those chocolate shortbread cookies. have a good week my friends. and since i don't feel the need to sleep all day, more recipes will be coming your way soon!

and p.s. to receive a couple extra "if i were..." menu ideas and secret recipes every month that i only share via email click here. i'll also be sending out recipes every once in a while for testing and feedback. the next email will be going out in a couple of days!


  1. I don't know if it's a "good" idea or rather a "lazy" idea for me to call other people to gift my child on her birthday. ;) Whatever, she'll love it. Thanks for the shout out. Glad you are feeling the up and up!

    1. Toooooootally a good idea. She'll love it, right? That's the important stuff right there.

  2. My brother is one of the chef/owners of communal. Maybe one day we can dine there together!!!
    That would be so dreamy!!!!

  3. Um, yes please! But really. We miss that place so's the first place I'm going next time I'm in Utah.

  4. thanks for the link! i'm glad you liked it. and i love your idea of "referring to all future funks as phases." totally stealing that. :)

  5. Wisdom! I'm officially going to brunch AND dinner with you at Communal when you're here.