Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a little pick-me-up


image by callie

today is my birthday. i'm thirty-five years old but i still feel twelve. ok, maybe not twelve, but i definitely don't feel like a middle aged mother of six.

my dad will always be forty-seven to me and i'll always think of my mom as forty-four. are you the same way with your parents? is there an age you'll just always think of them as being? i wonder if i'll have some sort of existential break down when i turn forty-four...yike! i hope not.

my birthday has never really been that big of a deal to me. however, i do have a few good friends who are self-proclaimed birthday divas and they have so much fun! sometimes for the entire month of their birthday! it's so fantastic.

i told a friend today that a perfect birthday for me would involve going out to eat for every meal with different friends and family and seeing some great movies in between meals. that sounds so extravagant and self-indulgent. maybe that's what birthdays are for...

while i figure out how to celebrate today, here are some great things i found for your wednesday pick-me-up. it was tons of fun stumbling upon each of these. hope you enjoy!

33 genius 3 ingredient recipes. isaac was looking over my shoulder when i found this one and he said with all the seriousness he could muster, "mom, we need all of these in our life." who knows? maybe we do.

a how-to video from food 52 and mario batali. tortelloni my friends, tortelloni.

the unicorn is the official animal of scotland. no joke

15 delicious ways to eat your veggies. and the surprise of my life is that my squash butter crostini with blue cheese, celery and bacon are on the list. happy birthday to me!

pretty pasta i'd probably never make. but it's still beautiful to look upon.

finding this little tidbit was more mind-bending than it probably should have been. did you know oxford university is older than the aztecs? utterly fascinating.

i had tofu for dinner tonight and this recipe looks promising as well.

bahn mi is my favorite sandwich of all time. that's why i'm excited to try this bahn mi bowl. and the woman who wrote this recipe...her name is yeh. can't go wrong.

and jon's not much of a baker so maybe i'll make this last-minute cake to celebrate today. but don't feel sorry for me. i'll love every minute of making it.

p.s. to receive a couple extra "if i were..." menu ideas and secret recipes every month that i only share via email click here. i'll also be sending out recipes every once in a while for testing and feedback.


  1. That cake looks delicious. Happy birthday, the day after. And I always think of our dad as being 44 and mom as being 40. Also Isaac is the best.

  2. It was so nice to meet you last night. You are an amazing woman, kind and humble. I hope we are able to sit and visit sometime. Thank you again.

    1. you too allison! next time i'm in town we need to share a meal and swap stories :)

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