Sunday, March 23, 2014

the lunchbox


cinema is the second love of my life. well third actually...husband, feeding people, then cinema. 

whenever i'm having a off week or if jon is out of town for an extended period of time, i make it a point to get myself to the theater for a flick. there i find a singular sense of catharthis and escapism that is cheaper and more effective than therapy. 

last week we saw tim's vermeer, an utterly fascinating account of a man who sets out to understand the work of the dutch painter, johannes vermeer (think Girl with a Pearl Earring), and his mastery of light and color. "jaw-dropping" seems a bit dramatic a term to describe a documentary about art history, but man on man, did this keep us on the edge of our seats. trust me. it's a good one.

during the previews though, we saw the trailer for the lunchbox. did you know that in mumbai alone there is a community of 5000 lunchbox delivery men? neither did i! did you also know that harvard university conducted a study and found that only one in one million of those lunches are ever delivered to the wrong person? i know, right??

this film intrigues me on many levels...i'm constantly searching out new flavors and new food experiences. and a culture that puts so much value on a home-cooked lunch is one that i want to be a part of. sign me up. today. i'm also captivated by the relationships built by and around food...the communication and soul-nourishing aspect of feeding people is it for me.

that's why i know i'll love this film. can't wait to see it. here's the trailer...what do you think?

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